Our Story

Salt Monkey is a lifestyle brand.  The brand is geared toward individuals who thrive off being who they are, doing what they love, and enjoy breaking away. We celebrate and encourage everyone to take time to relax and chill.
Salt Monkey was founded by former South Carolina basketball player Hagen Rouse along with his two brothers Collins and Michael. The apparel brand was developed out of Hagen's love for breaking away to the coast.
"My whole life I have really enjoyed going to the coast, so that is where the salt comes in,” Rouse said. “Monkeys have always been one of my favorite animals. They go hard and get after it, but they also like to chill out and have a good time.
The logo "Sammy" The Salt Monkey emphasizes our positive message with his energetic, confident and bold personality. Sammy is named after Hagen's father Sammy Rouse. Growing up he took them on many family trips to the coast. He loved to get away and have fun. He passed a lot of those traditions on to Hagen and his two brothers.
We encourage all of you to join us as we continue to enjoy the good times and create the memories.

 “The Salt Monkey Vibe is being confident in who you are and passionate about what you do."

Hagen Rouse, Founder of Salt Monkey